Friday, 2 January 2015

Dear 2015


Dear 2015,
Hope you have a good store of blessings, luck, fortune, peace, and happiness for the entire world, and some regions in particular!
            More than the successful stories, twenty fourteen was not a good year for the world and some regions in particular. We read heartbreaking stories, heard fainting news headlines, and witnessed remorseful events unfolding everyday in many a region across the globe.
The year had a host of mysterious natural tragedies, and human-made havoc. It kept us all busy and frustratingly nervous throughout many a time. Neither did it allow many of us celebrate our successes and share our joys nor did it help us wipe our tears. Instead it kept many of us in fear and frustration.
The year cost huge losses to many countries, and particularly those families whose sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, and friends were on those planes, and ships. The more frustrating among those disasters were the families and friends of those who disappeared with the Malaysian airline MH370 mysteriously. They neither received their loved ones bodies nor heard a piece of news of the plane's whereabouts. The world is still looking for some clues of its disappearance, but I express my condolences to all those who felt the pain of loss!
Ebola was another fearsome epidemic that threatened the west African nations, and also the world. Not only did it cost huge financial burdens on the governments, but also human lives including those who went to safe lives of hundreds affected with it.
Terrorists, insurgents, or extremists also did much of their harms against humanity- the messengers of peace and love. Even big and powerful nations were no better than them. They killed each other. They killed men, women, and children, save those who were already engaged in the fights. They killed everyone who came their way. They destroyed everything that stood their way. Yet they called themselves "holy warriors". Yet they defended their roles as "saviors of peace and security". And still they talk of peace and security.
May God's blessings be upon them, so that they live and fight for humanity, not against them. May peace be upon them, so that they choose to stop destruction in the name of peace. May love spring in their hearts, so that they choose to live in harmony with one another. Human shall be then humane.
Nevertheless, a promising year is here. Starting January 1, I wish this year to be different. But the difference of it is in our hands. Thus, I wish every political leader be summoned by Gods and make them friends. I wish every religious leader preach the principles of love, peace, friendship, and happiness. I wish every individual shake hands with one another for the well-being of this world. I wish true peace, and security be upon all of us. And finally, I wish everyone a peace of mind, happiness all around, and a Happy New Year!

With Love,

Chencho Wangchuk.


  1. Happy New Year. May you have a wonderful year blessed with full of success, pride, peace and prosperity.

    1. I wish you same happiness and good luck!